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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Your Face

I woke up this morning in a really heavy mood and feeling low. I went to the bathroom, I stopped and looked at my image in the mirror... for a minute I stared at my face and it looked awful. So much hair growth in my nose and a thick beard on my chin, its almost like a black haired Santa Claus ready to explode. Then I touched the mirror and told myself silently who are you? Then a good friend of mine from college suddenly pops in my mind, she is a bit obese just like me. She was a nice friend easy to talk to. I never had any problem having a conversation with her ever,^^)") then suddenly my mood changed I felt a bit better. Isn't it nice to know how a pleasant thought like a fleeting encounter with an old friend can change ones mood in an instant? I started to think how amazing humans are, that even with  trivial matters we do everyday we can actually accomplish and finish something new, even though it is not as ambitious like becoming a president of the country.

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