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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Small but Powerful

I was on my way to the bathroom to do my business on the toilet when I saw this small spider housing in the side, then I saw a cockroach twice the size of the spider passing trough the side of the house of the spider, then all of the sudden the spider run to the cockroach and spun a web on the cockroach's foot and drag the cockroach into the web and in a spit second by second the spider was wrapping this huge cockroach in the web until the only thing that sticks out is its head. and yes the cockroach is screaming for dear life, but unfortunately after he got wrap in the web he was bitten and was poison to death, I'm quite positive it was poisoned to death because the next day the only thing I see lying on the floor is the cockroach's head and of course the spider staring at it from the safety of its web. To me this reminds me of the saying. "If you see an opportunity in hand and need to grab it, be aggressive and do all you can to get that opportunity done. No matter how small you are nothing is impossible."

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